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Welcome to Salamatika

How Salamatika formed

The official activity of Salamatika website started in June of 2020 under the management of Maryam Naghashnejad. At that time, with the spread of the corona virus pandemic and forcing all education online, our team realized that the world of education had undergone a significant and abrupt change. We also predicted that in the coming years, face-to-face and traditional education would become a smaller part of the education industry of both our country, Iran, and the world. For this reason, we rode the new wave of change and took an active role in improving the educational future of our country's healthcare system, through the provision of practical training in the way of microlearning.


What we do

All our efforts in the Salamatika team are directed to help our colleagues in hospitals and health care services by simplifying intangible and complex concepts and presenting them in the form of simple, short, and practical solutions, so that they can be used to make changes in the fields of quality improvement, patient safety, health worker safety, and healthcare management. To accomplish this, we use documented and up-to-date sources, such as information available on global reference sites like the World Health Organization (WHO) website, while also facilitating access to information for Persian speakers by translating English content to Persian.


...We believe in small changes which make big differences


Furthermore, we intend to increase the speed of information transfer and make it easier to remember and use by converting the most modern educational tips into audio, info graph and video content. Therefore, we produce and present the educational content of the health system in various formats, such as infographic, infomotion, motion graphic, audio files and short educational videos.


Salamatika in Iran

Today, Salamatika has become one of the top sites in the country in the field of patient safety. We receive many messages from nurses, supervisors, quality improvement managers, and healthcare managers that the content is very useful for them. We are very pleased that the patient safety managers of hospitals acknowledge that they use the content and educational videos of Salamatika in their personnel training programs.

We have been able to rank 1st in Google search results in Persian for some important keywords, such as "Patient Safety", and in the top three for keywords such as "Quality Improvement" and "Healthcare Worker Safety". Currently, more than a thousand people visit Salamatika website every week via Google.


Who we are

Maryam Naghashnejad

B. Sc. degree in Healthcare Management, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

M. Sc. degree in Healthcare Management, Iran University of Medical Sciences

Main tasks:

  • Website and social media manager
  • Translator and content producer
  • Motion graphic artist
  • Educational videos and motion graphic editor


Mohsen Rezvanifar

B. Sc. degree in Healthcare Management, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

M. Sc. degree in Industrial engineering (system management and productivity), Kharazmi University

Main tasks:

  • Content producer
  • Motion graphic artist
  • Website data analyst


Mohammad Hamidi Amin

B. Sc. degree in Healthcare Management, Tehran University of Medical Sciences

Expert in the field of Web developer

Main tasks:

  • Website programmer
  • Website developer
  • Website technical interface


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